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Website development


Website development for your business

Landing page

Landing page is a one page site suitable for product, service or event describtion. It can also be used as a business card for a company or a specialist.

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Business card website

A relatively simple site with few pages. Ideal for small businesses. Allows you to provide a brief information about the company, its activities, services and products.

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Corporate website

A corporate site is a "business card" website for larger companies when it is not enough to simply describe brief information about yourself and your services. On this site clients can get acquainted with your team, production, history of the company's development, etc.

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Portfolio website

Ideal for individual professionals who need to show their work results on the site - a portfolio. Often they are photographers, marketing specialists, bloggers.

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Catalog website

A large site, the main purpose of which is to provide the client with the entire range of the company's products. Very similar to an online store, but the main difference is the absence of a "basket".

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If you sell goods, you definitely need an online store. This is not just a website. It is a full-featured online sales tool with extensive functionality.

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What is included in Website development?

Create Website

When ordering a site, regardless of the tariff plan and type of site, the work includes


Development of stylish up-to-date projects, using an individual approach to solve each problem.


To manage the site and fill it with content, we use a convenient admin panel customized for a specific project.


Website optimization for correct work on various devices: PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones.


Expert SEO setup for detection and successful indexing of your site by search engines.


The speed of work is one of the most important criteria for the quality of the site, to which we pay special attention.


Launch of your website on the Internet. Assistance in buying hosting and domain. Hosting the site on the server and setting it up.


After launching the site, we provide a video tutorial on administering and managing the content of your site.


Free technical support and consulting on the site within a month from the date of its launch.

Telegram bot development

Telegram bots

We know how to make bots that are convenient for you and your customers.

Bots are everywhere! It seems that yesterday we did not even know about their existence. And now we can hardly imagine our life without them. They have become widely popular among numerous active users of messengers.

Chatbots are a new tool for business, that rapidly gain popularity.They help to automate routine tasks, request and collect up-to-date information about your target audience.

But that's not all! Bots can be used for absolutely any task. For example, they are able to automatically advise clients, answer frequently asked questions, sell products and services, accept payments, send notifications, and more.

The main advantages of telegram bots:

  • The cost of bot development is several times cheaper than mobile app creation
  • No need to separately install the application or sign in
  • The popularity of Telegram messenger. Now it is already installed in the smartphones of most of your clients



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